Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Training


More than just a CMMS Users course!

4.5 Days


Course Purpose

This course is designed to increase knowledge of the role of work management
and to give additional knowledge and skills to enhance the planning capability of any organisation and covers the following key elements:
To define how work is identified, authorised, planned, scheduled, executed and closed out.
To support operational goals (improving margins and throughput, and reducing costs) through delivering reliable and consistently well performing plant and equipment to operations.
To apply a systematic process in which stakeholders perform activities in a
consistent manner.
To give joint consideration and prioritisation to work by operators and maintainers, in an effort to sustain the most suitable generation of throughput.
To sustain processes which are under control in order to provide a foundation from which a strong asset management framework can be erected.
This course material covers the main elements of effective planning and scheduling through the application of a Work Management process and Turnaround Project Management processes in the sequence in which they naturally occur.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Set, agree, and update work objectives with individuals and teams.
  2. Plan work design and methods to achieve objectives.
  3. Organise and allocate resources to achieve objectives.
  4. Evaluate implementation of work plans and methods against objectives and required outcomes.
  5. Identify the elements of an effective planning and scheduling process.
  6. Estimate materials, time and costs for planned maintenance work.
  7. Develop master plans for preventative and predictive maintenance work.
  8. Plan work design and methods for maintenance shutdowns.
  9. Develop a master schedule for routine and shutdown maintenance
  10. Produce and evaluate reports for planning, scheduling and commissioning.


Programme assessment requirements

Assessment for this programme of will be collected from the following sources of evidence:
A two hour exam on the last day.
A work based project to be completed and submitted within two months of completion of the final module.
Completion of classroom exercises during the course. The exercises will be retained by EStep Ltd and used at part of the assessment process.


Suitable Candidates for this Course

Maintenance Planners
Maintenance Schedulers
Maintenance Supervisors
Maintenance Managers


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