What is Evocon and how it helps manufacturers improve OEE?

Evocon is an OEE system that helps manufacturers manage and improve production efficiency through automated production tracking and monitoring. Real-time data, captured from equipment, is visualised and presented to management and operators in an intuitive and easy to understand way, driving productivity and efficiency throughout the company.

Production efficiency up 15% after the first month with Evocon Henno Haava, Chief Production Planner of Saint-Gobain Glass Today manufacturers in 15 countries and over 70 production sites are using Evocon to improve OEE and productivity. It is being used in a wide range of different industries and at the moment is available in 7 languages. More information about Evocon on their homepage.

Evocon’s Main Features

Visualize factory floor processes

Benchmark manufacturing performance

Identify and eliminate production delays

Get accurate data for cost calculation

Track and compare production in real-time

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