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Mentoring & Training in Equipment Maintenance and Reliability Processes/Practices

We offer a range of accredited training courses in maintenance and reliability processes and practices. These courses cover the vision, program and activities to achieve maintenance excellence – the planning, execution, monitoring and improvement of equipment reliability and performance; and maintenance work management and turnaround project management.

Customer specific training in many aspects of Reliability Assurance is aligned with our services above. We acknowledge that training is only the beginning of acquiring and applying new skills and therefore we offer a coaching and mentoring follow up which aids in converting the newly acquired knowledge into the ability to proficiently apply these new skills.

Practices Benchmarking

Aligned with both ISO55000 and SMRP/EFNMS Global Maintenance & Reliability Indicators, our Reliability Assurance Practices Assessment (RAPA) compares your business reliability and maintenance practices against a world class standard. It works to identify both existing pockets of excellence and the potential areas for improvement. We then work with you to develop a strategy and tactics to ensure the retention of your good practices along with the implementation of the agreed improvement practices.

Reliability, Availability & Maintainability Studies (RAMS)

Reliability starts at equipment/plant design stage. Often the opportunity for building in inherent reliability, availability and maintainability, is lost before construction even begins. If a design or equipment specification change is required post project handover, the cost to make that change can have a serious impact on business finances due to project variations and lost production time.

A RAMS Study is a process that identifies potential equipment performance bottlenecks during the design phase thus presenting an opportunity to consider optioneering of various design iterations from a reliability perspective. Designs can then be altered and equipment performance risks minimised at minimal cost compared to later during the equipment lifecycle. This ensures that the return on investment in the new plant and equipment is realised sooner.

PM/PdM Program Development & Maintenance Strategy Reviews

Over the years we have seen many ways to develop a Maintenance Program including the formal standard processes. Our experience has shown us that these processes do not suit all business types. Our unique approach to developing an effective and efficient reliability assurance PM/PdM Program, allows us to conduct a Maintenance Strategy Review. Through this review we analyse your existing tasks to ensure they address a known failure mode and cause. We apply our Equipment Strategy Builder to new plant and equipment to produce a reliability focused maintenance program; or for smaller businesses we can utilise our Fast PMs process to quickly produce an effective baseline program where we ensure essential care, and simple predictive and preventative measures are implemented.

Asset Management Policy & Strategy Development

Equipment Reliability Assurance Practices are not just important to maintenance and engineering; the effectiveness of these processes, procedures and practices impacts directly on the bottom line of any equipment dependant business. This can be directly through equipment performance, or indirectly through product quality, health & safety or environmental performance; customer satisfaction or the reputation of your product in the market place.

Working with your senior leadership team, we can help your organisation develop the policies and strategies that set out the framework for ongoing equipment reliability and performance, in line with your business goals and any existing policy/strategy documents.

Criticality Analysis & Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Studies

We have reliable processes in place for developing reliability practices, and where required we can also apply international standard processes to develop the most appropriate equipment care plan for your business. A Criticality Study will rank your equipment in order of importance to your business as a whole. An RCM Study will analyse all of the ways your equipment can fail, the causes for these failures and whether the failures have an impact on your business. We then identify the most efficient and effective mitigating tasks suite to suit your business needs.

Business Change Management & Process Implementation

Our experience has shown that it is the way individuals accept, adopt and implement the required changes to their daily work that brings about the overall business process improvements for enhanced equipment reliability and performance. As PROSCI certified change practitioners with experience as industry change leaders, we bring not only a sound technical knowledge base, but also capability in achieving speedy adoption, proficiency and ultimate utilisation of new processes, procedures and practices. This minimises the time to achieve a return on investment from the improvement initiatives we offer

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